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Popular culture, in many cases abbreviated to pop culture, existed ever from the earliest times, and it has been an ongoing thing. Pop culture has many definitions; moreover, it is related to qualities of the mass petition. It is a lot preferred, and massive culture enthralls audiences all over the globe. Nonetheless, it has experienced several wars. Additionally, more and more critics blame it for the collapse of morals. Pop culture induced modifications of various issues. Particularly, the mode of dressing and songs changed drastically. The essay aims at describing the pop culture war and identifying its influence on modern society.

Primarily songs got composed through theological themes and people dressed uprightly. Popular tunes remained governed by religious topics. Unlike today, churches were the only place where most individuals heard music and singing in the distant past. If not specifically church choruses, tunes were played at concerts in cathedrals, where librettos had to be standard to a local presbyter or preacher. However, pop culture is believed to have changed these norms creating a big gap of understanding for religious communities or other critics. The war was to fight it since many opponents believed that the world’s culture could be destroyed (Romanowski 382).

Despite being condemned, pop culture was entertaining to many people. Modern society enjoys it because it resulted in quality characters on its account. For instance, music has been produced with the intentions of educating generations on cultures and ways of life. Pop culture prompted a sense of calmness and gentleness in the lives of people. It was an influential part of the present-day population since an individual could choose what he liked and take it as his option. Unlike before when everything was governed by the elders or church leaders, pop culture presented a dozen of choices. It evolves daily in our lives; however, how to consider it depends on the public, their perception, and personal understanding (Romanowski 382).

In conclusion, even though the Pop Culture War was hold responsible for the breakdown of morals, contemporary views proved its connection to the reforms in cultural debate. Nowadays, humanity benefits from enjoying the variety of choices, which are not enforced by religious dogma or any other authorities. Nevertheless, the ways, in which individuals may deal with pop culture, are predetermined by their personal awareness and cognition.

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