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Nelson Mandela once said that education is the greatest weapon that can change the world. When I was younger, on having been enrolled, I did not fully realize the immense importance of studies in my life. My parents taught me that degrees are essential because any knowledge obtained widens the horizons of human understanding and leads to the successful career. Career was my primary goal, so I promised to both my parents and myself that I would do my best during all academic courses to become a worthy specialist at https://specialessays.com/and an intelligent person.

Being guided by such noble thoughts, I completed my Bachelor studies in Info Systems & Tech Management at Zayed University in June 2012 and a Master’s course in Human Resources at Canadian University of Dubai last January. Although I was afraid that one day I would discover that I had chosen the wrong professional path, my fears were senseless and groundless. By the middle of the Bachelor program, I became absolutely convinced that I enjoyed what I was learning and aspired to know more. At the same time, I felt the need to start applying my knowledge more practically. That is why, I decided to dedicate a few years to selfless work and, by this, practical professional self-realization.

My biggest professional achievement is by now represented by the position I am currently taking at AW Rostamani as HR & Emiratization Executive and Assistant Emiratization Manager. AW Rostamani is an automobile company, the work of which has numerous directions as well as a large number of departments. I represent HR department by recruiting Emiratis (UAE citizens) for the variety of jobs in different areas of the company and insuring that they do not face any complications at the workplace. They all are the specialists belonging to various departments, such as Service, Sales, Audit, Finance, Real Estate, Marketing and others. I am responsible for their recruitment, work organization and coordination.

Currently, I think I have obtained as much experience as I wanted to. Of course, there is always more space for further development and learning in particular in any field of activity, but I want to concentrate on the other things now. I feel I am ready to continue my studies and look forward to starting the Ph.D. program in Total Quality Management. I know it must be a start of serious research and I am ready to do it. I am also aware of my current job being not directly related to the academic sphere I am intending to investigate. Nevertheless, I see the hidden connection and benefits that I might get after completing this degree. As I am responsible for recruiting Emiratis and creating the training plans for them, it is of great importance for me to know the qualities, which are necessary and thus required for the successful functioning of the company. Total Quality Management program would be an amazing continuation of the acquired educational experience and professional skills.

In the future, I have an ambition to become a professor who knows his specialization profoundly and is able to share his knowledge and professional ethics with the next generation. I am interested in teaching for the reasons totally different from those of acquiring a social status change or salary increase. My deepest desire to research and work with young motivated people in the Management and HR field is purely genuine – it is a calling if it is appropriate to call it this way. I have an outgoing and curious nature that brings me to a constant need for satisfying the hunger for the new heights of personal development, to seeking new challenges and exploring the lavish world of opportunities.

Now, I am sure that the thoughts of Nelson Mandela are some of the most meaningful and living words I have heard in my life. I am applying for this Ph.D. program to prove myself that I can be a successful explorer, learner, researcher and student. Afterwards, my objective will be to support the gained through education theoretical knowledge with the practical involvement into the working process of some company and apply my hands-on experience to the academic sphere. I hope that Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University will become an essential step towards the combination of my dream to teach with the ambitious career plans that I want to fulfill.